Evaluation of Performance of Vocational and Technical Units- Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC)


The Arab Knowledge and Management Society (AKMS)  held a training course entitled “Following up the Performance of the Technical and Vocational Training Units” for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Istanbul.

The training course was attended by heads of follow up units at the Corporation and aimed at evaluating the performance of the technical and vocational training units at the Corporation, teaching the participants the administrative investigation skills in terms of personal, procedural, and technical aspects such as: standing on the technical and practical aspects in the administrative investigation, preparing the investigation file in accordance with the high vocational and professional standards, how to conduct an investigation interview by enhancing the communication abilities and types, and the methods of asking questions in the investigation, in addition to others.

The program addressed a number of the important knowledge aspects such as the public and private job, its definition, nature and characteristics, administrative investigation, improving the investigator’s skills, different investigation methods, disciplinary decision and its relation with the administrative error.


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