Electronic Arabic Encyclopedia – TAGEPEDIA


Electronic Arabic Encyclopedia (TAGEPEDIA) is the first project to establish an electronic system for the dissemination of online knowledge in the Arab world.

By building a free and comprehensive encyclopedia in Arabic, TAGEPEDIA provides a wealth of documented information in all professions including scientific, literary, cultural and cognitive.

TAGEPEDIA will be a comprehensive Arabic encyclopedia for those specialized and interested in acquiring scientific, professional and legislative knowledge in all sorts of business and professional services.

The user-friendly TAGEPEDIA will disseminate science, knowledge, culture and the Arabic heritage and allow users to find what they are looking for at the click or two of a button. The gathering of information primarily relies on the participation of scientists, writers, experts, consultants and specialists to enrich the Arabic knowledge content on the internet.

It will be constantly updated to preserve its quality and integrity while protecting copyrights and other related rights issues.

TAGEPEDIA will cover many scientific, cognitive and professional topics classified into five fields: knowledge as well as scientific and professional references, countries, institutions and personalities, events and achievements.


The field of knowledge includes all topics related to culture, science, technologies, geography, history, media and biographies. Specialists from TAG.Global, TAGEPEDIA’s parent company, will continuously develop specialization in professional services, including accounting, Intellectual Property, law, information technology and professional evaluation as well as other professional topics. The target is to host more than one million Arabic items.


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