Cooperation between TAG.Global and the International Organization for Relief

TAG.Global for Vocational Training, in cooperation with the International Organization for Relief and Development’s Jordan Office has trained 400 young men and women in leadership and starting their own businesses or projects.

The training promotes civil participation in their local communities and provides theoretical and practical training, which contributes to rewarding, fruitful and sustainable employment opportunities.

It links their training and rehabilitation with the actual needs of the labor market. It also puts them on the right track to starting their own businesses by using the TAG program to support small and medium-size enterprises (SME’s).

The International Organization for Relief and Development is one of the leading organizations implementing services and development programs covering a wide range of areas and technical activities.

The Organization seeks to reduce the suffering of the most vulnerable groups in the world by providing tools and resources to increase self-sufficiency.

It operates in areas of the world that pose social, political and technical challenges, and specializes in helping affected communities restore and improve their conditions.


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