Cooperating with the Higher Council of Women in Bahrain

"A Program for the empowerment of women for the labor market"

The program is executed in several phases with the participation of a number of organizations and companies from the private and public sectors, in addition to HCW’s committee for cooperation with women’s associations and committees, the Bahraini Women’s Federation, local mass media representatives and HCW’s officers.

This program is complemented by efforts exerted by the Council in revising and updating the national plan for the implementation of the Women’s Advancement Strategy. It also serves in raising societal awareness on the role, rights and duties of women.

Program for Training Recent Graduates in Camps 

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Professional Training Group held, in cooperation with Iqtisaduna for Camp Development at TAGSB, a training program for recent graduates in Palestinian camps. The training improves the skills of trainees in making a better future for them and for their communities.

The program targeted more than 300 graduates from Madaba, Wihdat and Irbid camps and gave them access to information technology and ICT tools.

The program in stills trainees with a work ethic, determination, perseverance and innovation for the realization of growth and development and ambitions of talented individuals.


ASIP Roundtables Series

A monthly program aimed at spreading awareness in respect to Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). Roundtables focus on various topics of IP, including laws and regulations behind IP rights, and each roundtable is headed by an IP expert on the selected topic.

ASIP Awareness sessions

These sessions offer participants the knowledge needed to understand Intellectual Property in general and possibly spark interest in studying more in-depth and advanced topics.


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