Economic Policy Development Forum - EPDF

The initiative was established by HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh as a volunteering project to examine and revise reports on economic issues and to conduct studies.

Launched in June 2011, EPDF is a permanent institution that supports the national economy in line with the directions of the relevant officials. It serves as a hub for all participants from different state sectors, experts, researchers, and future leaders. The forum is proud to have full responsibility and conducts its work in a professional independent manner, studying and searching for the weak points to assess the economic condition.

The most important tasks are:

  • The Forum is an independent economic entity in the private sector, and it works on providing proposals on important trends in various economic issues.

  • The Forum follows up the government's implementation of strategies and the economic outcomes by studying the results.

  • The Forum studies any urgent changes or dynamics in the economy and provides recommendations on how to deal with these changes to keep pace with the national economic strategy.

  • The Forum unites economic visions with the efforts of international donors, developmental programs, trade unions, the private and public sectors, media and higher education sector to implement the economic strategy and recommendations.

  • The Forum engages academics, researchers and the youth by inviting economics students to participate by making this a part of their curricula.

Main Committees:

1. Financial and Monetary policies’ Committee.
2. Production Committee.
3. Significant Challenges Committee.
4. Accountability, Integrity, and Transparency Committee.
5. Committee for the Promotion of Economic Relations with Arab Countries.


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