TAG-Value constructs various financial models, each of which is based on a different scenario for the purpose of testing and weighing all the available options in a given situation. These models undergo a sensitivity analysis in order to clearly reflect the impact of prevailing economic and financial conditions on the end results.
Financial models illustrate the analysis of a company’s projected financial data, in addition to assessing the effects of all variables on the model. End results are then interpreted in reports that support your business decisions.
We also conduct, while performing continuous plausibility checks, a review process for models ensuring that formulas applied and calculations are correct and are based on logical assumptions.
Financial models are essential for the following:
  • Business planning
  • Corporate transactions
  • Project financing
  • Management reporting and budgeting
Financial modeling includes:
  • Basic financial model
  • Premium financial model
  • Startup financial model
  • Acquisition model
  • Valuation model
  • Real estate model


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