TAG-Value offers comprehensive Due Diligence services for companies considering business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, investment and forming strategic alliances with others. Due Diligence is also imperative for companies that are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their business through an unbiased third-party inspection.
Due diligence is performed by scrutinizing transactions and all related previous and ongoing activities, in addition to analyzing and authenticating past and present financial, commercial, operational and strategic aspects by applying detailed intensive studies and identifying appropriate actionable plans for the purpose of enhancing organizational effectiveness.
As a leading consulting firm highly regarded as one of the top financial consulting firms in the region, we aim to strengthen our clients’ transacting decisions through our vast range of knowledge and experience by outlining the comprehensive outcomes in a concise and coherently produced final written report.
Due Diligence helps companies formulate their corporate strategies and identify poor performance. It also provides the basis on which new market assessment plans and prospective acquisition targets are prepared.
Conducting a Financial Due Diligence Review enables you to:
  • Identify potential deficiency in the target and detect bad business transactions.
  • Verify that the transaction complies with investment or acquisition criteria.
  • Validate that the business entity is what it appears to be.


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